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Research, Museum Exhibit:

The Dark Crystal Exhibit, Craft and Folk Art Museum
October 20 - November 21, 1982 (Note: this took place before the movie was released. It had the highest attendance of in the history of the Craft and Folk Art Museum, according to the museum staff).

They were kind enough to allow me to sketch the costumes and characters, as long as I stepped aside when groups came through. There was a convenient niche across from where the Jen and Kira characters were situated. I spent several weekends sketching rough details, and refining them. I also took copious notes on the fabrics, weathering techniques, designs, and the colors applied to the fabrics.

Books, Articles, DVD's, and Ephemera Research

The Making of the Dark Crystal: Creating a Unique Film,
Book: text by Christopher Finch, an Owl Book, Copyright Henson Associates, Publisher Holt Rinehart and Winston, NY, 1983. (ISBN 0-03-063332-X)
The World of the Dark Crystal
Book: Illustrations by Brian Froud, Text by J. J. Llewellyn, Henson Organization Publishing, Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 1982 (ISBN 393-71280-3)
"The Unforgettable Jim Henson"
Magazine article: by John Culhane, Reader's Digest, Pleasantville NY, November 1990 issue.
Jim Henson: The Works: The Art, The Magic, The Imagination
Book: by Christopher Finch, Jim Henson Productions, Random House, NY, 1993 (ISBN 0-679-41203-4)
The Inside Story of Jim Henson's Creature Shop: No Strings Attached
Book: by Matt Bacon with an introduction by Brian Henson, Macmillan Books, NY, 1997 (ISBN 0-02-862008-9)
The Art of the Puppet
Book: by Bil Baird, A Ridge Press Book, The MacMillan Company, New York, 1965, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 65-21159 (this was before ISBN numbers).
Note: This was a library discard, obtained at a book sale. On the first page is a book plate, with the following inscription:
"In honor of CHRISTOPHER AND DAVID L----- who died September 1, 1973 at ages 13 and 9 in a hotel fire in Copenhagen Denmark.

One doesn't always know how books come to be in our grasp. I assure the person who donated this book, that it came to the right person. I was fortunate enough to have seen several live performances of puppets and marionettes in my lifetime. I recognized several of them in Baird's book. I've also been backstage at a marionette performance, and experienced first-hand what it's like to walk a marionette across a stage. It's not as easy as it looks!

Bil Baird once had a young apprentice named Jerry Nelson, who later became a key puppeteer with the Henson organization.

The Dark Crystal
DVD: by Jim Henson Home Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company, 1994 & 1999.
This was the 25th Anniversary Edition, which included the "making of" promo for the film and showed behind the scenes footage of the production, and the various challenges in making the film.
The Muppet Show: The Complete First Season
DVD Compilation: distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc, Copyright The Muppets Studio, LLC, 2005.
The Muppet Show, The Complete Second Season
DVD Compilation: distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc, Copyright The Muppets Studio, LLC, 2008.
The Muppet Show: The Complete Third Season
DVD Compilation: distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc, Copyright The Muppets Studio, LLC, 2010.
(Note: Some of the bonus features of these compilations include archival footage of the early Muppets.)
"Here Come the Puppets"
PBS program taped in Washington, DC, during the Union Internationale de la Marionette (UNIMA)-USA Puppeteers of America Festival in 1980 (NOT ON DVD, but should be!!!!). The program was hosted by Jim Henson & Kermit The Frog, in which they explore the various types of puppets, puppet history, and introduce performances of some of the best puppeteers in the world.
Stage Makeup
Book, by Richard Corson, 3rd Edition, Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, 1960. (no isbn number). It is currently in it's newly revised 11th edition (2012), and is still in great demand, as it is a valuable resource guide for those just dabbling in the art of makeup, and a great resource for professionals.

General Research, Online Photo Archive References:

Worldcon Home Page Worldcon is a trademark of the World Science Fiction Society, all rights reserved. Each year, a convention is held somewhere in the world, dedicated to science fiction and fantasy. This site gives some of the convention history, and links to the various sites associated with the events held at the convention, including the Masquerade.

Fanac Photo Archive
Fanac is the Florida Association for Nucleation And Conventions, sponsored by MagicCon, the 50th World Science Fiction Convention, and has posted photos from many conventions, including Worldcon '84.

A photo of the Dark Crystal Project
From Fanac archive, Worldcon '84 photos.

Mid-American Photo Archive
The Mid American Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions, Inc, a midwest organization which has sponsored conventions,
and maintains a vast photo archive of submitted photos, the MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive.

Costume Gallery for the International Costume Guild
The International Costumers Guild is group of amateur and professional costumers who promote and educate on the art of costuming.

Five photos from the Dark Crystal Project
International Costumer's Gallery, Pat & Peggy Kennedy Collection, Worldcons, Worldcon 42.

Industry Related Research: Background & Fact Verification:

Home Page for The Jim Henson Company.

Official Jim Henson Company Page With Info on The Dark Crystal film production

Official Muppets Site.

Searchable Internet Movie Database.

Sketch & Photo Credits

Home Page:

Photo of Jen and Kira in front of the Wall of Destiny, Al Gillen (with permission)

Re-Creating Jen Page:

Jen, full length photo, Al Gillen (with permission)
Costume Sketch (full), Costume Sketch (undertunic), Costume Sketch (overshirt), Costume Sketch (top layer), and Costume Sketch (boot pattern) -- Carl Coling

Re-Creating Kira Page:

Kira, full length photo, Al Gillen (with permission)
Kira Dress Sketch, Kira Sleeve Decoration Sketch -- Carl Coling

Making A Fizzgig Page:

Photos of Fizzgig on box in front of backdrop, Fizzgig Palate and Lower Jaw, Fizzgig Mouth, Fizzgig Feet, Fur Sample, Fizzgig with Shard, and Sketch of Fizzgig Substructure -- Carl Coling

Backdrop Building Page:

Photos of Beginning Backdrop, Backdrop Detail, Finished Backdrop -- Carl Coling

Adventures in Foam Latex Page:

Closeups of Kira Face and Jen Face, Al Gillen (with permission)
Lifemask, Mask Progression Illustration -- Carl Coling

Creature Puppet Page:

Photos of Skeksis, Mystic, Aughra Hand and Eye, Mystic in Profile, Skeksis in Profile, and Urskek Face -- Carl Coling

Props Page:

Photos of Jen's Flute, Closeups of Skeksis, Mystic, and Fizzgig Eyes, Urskek with Skeksis and Mystic (full height extension), and Crystal Shard -- Carl Coling

Presentation Page:

Photos of Urskek From Below, Mystic Right Profile, Fizzgig Looking Up, Skeksis Looking Straight Into Camera, Crew 1 Sketch, Crew 2 Sketch, Crew 3 Sketch -- Carl Coling
Certificate -- (Rights to Artwork, Worldcon 1984), presented as documentation of Re-Creation Award for a Group -- Certificate Scanned by Carl Coling (for documentation purposes only)
Henson Associates Label from the packaging returned to Carl Coling -- (Rights to logo and company name Henson Associates/ The Jim Henson Company), presented as documentation of contact --scanned by Carl Coling

Thoughts On The Film Page:

Photo of the Crystal Shard -- Carl Coling

Meeting Jim Henson Page:

Photos of Jim Henson Profile, Jim Henson Award Presentation, Jim Henson and Kermit, Kermit getting Kissed -- Carl Coling

Behind The Project Page:

Photo of Tardis -- Carl Coling

Trivia Page:

Photos of License Plate Insert for Jim Henson Chrysler Plymouth Dodge, Facade of The Jim Henson Company, Charlie Chaplin Tribute, and Baby Fizzgig -- Carl Coling